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Monday, September 26, 2011

Things That Annoy Me

Things that really annoy me, in no particular order:

- Store brand mustard. (Give me French's or give me nothing.)
- Anything starring Pia Zadora. (She just hocks me off.)
- CBS, for canceling Guiding Light and As The World Turns. (Thank goodness Granny didn't live to see them go!)
- Those irritating Target commercials. (Why isn't PETA jumping up and down about that?)
- Hoarders. (I can't watch that show without getting really angry at those people.)
- Unnecessary film remakes like The Poseidon Adventure and Footloose. (They make me feel old.)
- Conway Twitty's version of Slow Hand. (I can't be alone on this one.)
- Racism and bigotry masquerading as political issues. (Don't even get me started on this one.)
- John Boehner (He's a total dick and a complete tool.)
- Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (See the next one up.)
- Larry Hagman's eyebrows. (Someone should love him enough to tell him they're not flattering.)
- The fact that New York isn't back on TV yet. (Come on, the girl's a scream!)
- Knowing that in twenty years I'll be 64. (It's making me feel middle aged.)

I'll think of more, in due time, and like you'll read about them!

Peace out.

Foreign News Item of the Day - 9/26

From Botswana - The Botswana Gazette

Falsely Accused, Served Five Years in Prison

The Customary Court of Appeal recently dropped charges against two men after they had each served five years in prison for alleged stock theft.