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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Review - Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

Gray Justice is one of those rare books that I found hard to break away from while reading. The story of a man who loses everything and decides to teach the justice system a lesson in letting criminals walk free, writer Alan McDermott tells the tale with the deftness of a scribe far more experienced than a first novel normally implies. Tom Gray is the protagonist in the book and his world is shattered when his son is killed by someone joy riding. Later his wife, unable to cope with the trauma, commits suicide. Set in England, Gray Justice tells what happens when Tom watches his son's killer go free... and what the devastation of his new life drives him to do. By kidnapping five serial offenders, Tom presents them to his countrymen via the internet and lets the public decide whether he should let them live, or not. The conclusion is not something I'm going to give away in even the tiniest detail, but suffice to say that it is an ending you won't forget. Gray Justice is a must for anyone looking for a great read and Alan McDermott has proven himself more than worthy of the title `writer.'

5 Big Stars

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