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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Toward Zero


Where it all began.
We can have many beginnings
But we only have one Zero.
The place where we came from
The start of it all.
Whether new or old.
It's all in a line
From Zero.

The time we became,
Just became,
is the time of creation.
Our creation.
The journey we take from
Is a long one.
A journey that makes us hurt.
Life is hurt.
Lightened by bursts of joy.
Life contains so many surprises.
But we can go on.

We are where we are now
Because forward is the only way to go.
No chance of going back.
No, none at all.
Nature propels us forward.
Years stretch out
And seem like a long time.
Unless you're looking back.

Looking back is what we can do.
Learning from the past
Learning from where we've been.
Remembering where we came from.
Looking to the yesterdays.
All the yesterdays.
And planning tomorrow upon them.
Looking back.
To what we used to be.
Looking back.
Toward where we started.
Toward from where we came from.

Toward Zero.