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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am not knowing where we are going. I am baffled and aghast and utterly disappointed by my fellow man. There is no way of knowing where it will go or when it will end. It is only the uncertainty of what the morrow may bring that keeps me interested enough to wait for the next development. I am an optimist by nature but more so a realist resides within my personality. I see the possibilities. I focus on what I can do. I see the contributions that can be made. I attempt to inspire others to the greatness of their potential. There is little to console an optimist when all about him there is a crumbling of moral fiber and a general lack of principles that should be guiding the conscientious handling of the precious things to which we have been entrusted. There is little to console the realist who sees what society is doing to itself without remorse or regret or repose. Very little thinking is going into being today. Very few genuine contributions are being made for the future. Small amounts of esteem are guiding the decisions that bring about the choices that befall us all. The age of more-for-me and less-for-you is upon us as it has never been before and all about me I see the masses pulling in different directions instead of pooling together the resources they each have to offer for the common good of not just those enjoying today but the ones who hope to have a tomorrow into which to evolve. I could be quite desolate if I allowed myself to be so. Yet I press on. For it is what I can do. It is what I know. It is what I ascribe my life creed to lead me into. It is what I wish for everyone. And for no one. I am not knowing where we are going. I am not knowing… I am not… I am… I…