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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Dreamed...

I dreamed I was dreaming.
And the life of my dream shone brightly.
The love I felt was radiant
and the sky blue like ocean.
A light pierced the brilliance.
With flowing glory it streamed down.
And I was wearing gold when I entered that kingdom.
The land of my imagination.
A place of gossamer foundlings.
Desire abounded.
Lushly girded.
Naught sparse in grandeur.
A bird flew overhead.
Its flight unbound.
I spread my golden wings
and took to the air alongside.
The earth was small below.
A green and blue landscape of my whims.
Sunshine poured itself upon my imagining.
I drank it in and spread it over
the beauty of my mind.
And flew higher.
And higher still.
I never thought of gliding downward.
Only a spiral exhaling to infinity.
Waiting for nothing.
In my gold glimmer I wore into that kingdom.
Never wanting.
And never waking.
Noblesse oblige.
Aloft and eternal.
A vision in my mind's eye.
When I dreamed I was dreaming.

Carey Parrish
February 2012