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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Bell Is Fixin' To Ring

Two more weeks until election day. It’s been a long and winding road this go around. We started with frontrunners who looked like sure bets for both parties and we wound up with two different faces here at the end. Six months ago I would have bet the farm that Hilary Clinton was going to be the next President of the United States of America. Now it looks like it’s going to be Barack Obama. John McCain has been losing his grip on the race for the last few weeks and he’s been sliding in the polls even more since the last debate. It’s going to be a long way down for him too.

Two hundred and seventy electoral votes are all that’s needed to win the presidency. Projected polls show Obama with three hundred and forty-four and McCain with one hundred and sixty-seven. That usually means a landslide victory. Of course the fat lady ain’t sung yet, and a lot can happen in two weeks time in today’s world, but for the GOP to pull off a victory now…That just doesn’t look possible.

What is it about Obama that has attracted so many voters? Many of them young adults as well. The main thing I see as the cause for Obama’s immense popularity is his ability to reach out across generation gaps and appeal to so many factions of Americans. He will likely be the first African American president in our nation’s history. He has such a wide acceptance among the population. His candid and forthright approach to everything he addresses is a plus for him. Obama doesn’t beat around the bush. He doesn’t hedge on things the way Republicans do. Even McCain has resorted to skirting questions with vague responses and even countering them with questions of his own. People ask him how feels about something and all he says is that his record speaks for itself. He isn’t sporting Palin anymore. That was a disaster if ever there was one; naming her as his running mate. I think the nail in his coffin at the last debate was when Obama bluntly told him that his campaign’s attacks spoke volumes about his whole campaign. Nothing stings worse than the truth in so many instances.

The Republican party is at an all time low with Americans. President Bush has almost destroyed their credibility and he’s practically done it all by himself. The man is a textbook megalomaniac. Nothing has been more important to him than his own agenda and seeing it to fruition. He has gone to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in the Middle East isn’t something that has ever been popular with Americans. Nobody seems to have wanted it except Mr. Bush. He started this war on flawed intelligence; intelligence he knew was iffy at the outset, but that didn’t deter him. He encouraged the credit crunch that now threatens to cripple our entire economy by doing nothing whatsoever about the national debt, except make it grow bigger. He’s practiced what amounts to Reaganomics on speed. The cost of living has gone through the roof. Gasoline prices have been breaking Americans for months. People are losing their homes and their jobs in record numbers. And what has Mr. Bush done about this? He stood around with his hands in his pockets for most of it and then wanted to charge in at the last minute like the Lone Ranger with a $700 billion dollar bailout that almost failed by not getting off the ground for more than a week, and the result has been even more volatility within the financial sector. George W. Bush’s entire administration has been little more than an exercise in self destruction, marred by one embarrassment after another, and we are paying the price for it.

I still find it extremely coincidental that gasoline has been skyrocketing until just recently and Mr. Bush is a multi millionaire in the oil industry.

Well, the days in the Oval Office are almost over for President Bush. Soon he’ll be moving back to Crawford, Texas and I cannot see how he’s going to be able to look his neighbors in the eye when he gets home. He’s keeping a low profile these days because he knows that Americans have placed the blame for our predicament on him. This is not erroneously placed blame either. Mr. Bush deserves most of the credit for this mess. He wouldn’t listen to anybody. He demonstrated through his own actions that he did not care about the common man. That’s a hallmark of Republicans too. They only care about themselves and whether or not they’re going to get their way. They think that have the right to force their ideals and their ways of thinking on the rest of the world. It’s only when the chips are down and nobody is listening to them anymore that they hang back, because the last thing they want to do is have to explain themselves.

Americans are yearning for a change. Americans are ready to move into the 21st Century without anything holding them back. The Constitution works for everybody and people are finally beginning to see that. Even the Conservative Republicans, no matter how badly they hate it. They’ve always been used to having things work for them, the way they want, and now people everywhere are enjoying their rights as American citizens and no one can deny them these rights. Courts all across this country are enforcing this too. Three states have now legalized gay marriage. Overturning Roe vs. Wade looks like a very long shot indeed. Moratoriums on foreclosures are popping up everywhere. Taxes are being questioned and challenged, and now by the very people who can do something about them too. People are fighting back at the oil companies by car pooling, buying motorcycles and scooters, working shorter work weeks to conserve gasoline and making one trip out do it all. Revenues are falling for the oil companies because they refused to step up to the plate and cap the rising cost of gasoline. They’ve let their own greed put a big cork in their profits.

These are the reasons why Barack Obama is so popular and these are the reasons why he’s the man to beat on November 4th. People are tired of the Republican mentality and they’re through with being told how to live their lives, who they can and cannot marry, and how they will and won’t spend their money. They’re tired of the fat cats on Wall Street and the rich men in Washington making financial decisions which take food out of their mouths, medicines out of their systems, and even the roofs from over their heads. People are ready for a leader who will champion their causes and put this country back on the road to solvency again. In other words, people are sick of one faction of the population getting to call all the shots.

Folks, the bell is fixin’ to ring. I have a feeling it's going be a sound heard around the world.

And that is my Sole Focus for the week...