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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spotlight Interview with Writer Xavier Axelson

Not long ago I was contacted by writer Xavier Axelson. We became acquainted through the internet and I discovered that Xavier is also a writer. He has made quite a name for himself in the genre of erotica and his books have been highly praised. With two new projects hitting the scene, Xavier requested an interview and I was happy to oblige.

I must admit I didn’t know a lot about his work before we began corresponding, but once I began my research for the article I became a fan myself. I’ve never really read that much erotica but when Xavier writes it is usually with a different approach than most of the others in his field. His touch is unique in that it draws in the reader with characters that are very lifelike and who endear themselves to the audience without relying solely on the “erotic” elements to do so.

I’m pleased to host Xavier in this forum. He is an interesting guy who makes his own brand of magic with his work. His fans can attest to his prowess and with their numbers growing his new releases are sure to satisfy.

CP: Xavier, thanks for visiting with me.
XA: Thank you so much for having me!
CP: Tell me, what draws you to writing erotica?
XA: Actually, I never really planned to write erotica, I’m a horror/magical realism writer at heart but I saw a call for a Holiday Romance collection and decided to challenge myself. I had no idea the Pandora’s Box I was opening.
CP: Your books have been quite popular. To what do you attribute their appeal?
XA: I think I’m serving something different to the readers of erotic romance. In this genre there are a ton of writers bringing the same dish over and over to the party; I like to try different things, explore interesting tastes and not limit myself and this love of exploration is something I hope comes across in my work. My writing is my journey and I am glad and grateful there are people willing to get on board with me.
CP: Tell me about your upcoming print collection, Menage?
XA: Menage is a collection of my first three novellas with Seventh Window Publishing; Dutch’s Boy, The Incident and The Birches. I hired a great graphic artist to create fresh covers, added a new recipe for Dutch’s Boy, and wrote a foreword introducing all three of the stories. It’s important to me for readers to feel they are getting something new when they buy this collection. I’m super excited about it and hope it does well.
CP: You’ve also got a new novella coming out, Earthly Concerns. What can you share about it?
XA: Earthly Concerns is a story about the power of generosity, generosity of spirit and the price of selfishness. While there is an erotic romance involved, it is also pretty creepy. There are forces at work in that story that scare me; hopefully it will frighten readers too. 

CP: What motivated you to take your writing in a different direction with your latest projects?
XA: My last novella, Lily actually began to lead me to where I am with my writing today. I have a love of paranormal horror and knew I would eventually find my way back to the genre. I think it is possible to blend the horrific with the sexual.
CP: Do you plan to continue writing erotica in the future?
XA: I think I’ll continue writing the stories that come to me, if they are erotica I will write erotica, but I have a huge horror novel sitting next to me begging my attentions and getting more and more impatient with my procrastination, so we’ll have to see what happens.
CP: Are you working on a new book now? If so, what can you share about it?
XA: I’m actually writing a new novella which is totally unlike anything I have published so far. It is probably my most generous and romantic story to date and I am in love with all the characters that have become part of the story. I now know what I’ll answer when I’m asked which of my characters I love the best! It’s about half way done and I’m a little scared it might turn into a novel.
CP: You also write for as well. What about journalistic writing do you find appealing?
XA: What is most appealing about my columns over at is the strange and wonderful mix of people I have had the good fortune to interview. From Trans Male Porn Performers to 80’s Cartoon Voice Over icons to Politicians and Jewelry Artisans it’s a crazy and fantastic potpourri of creative people and they all inspire me.
CP: What’s next for you?
XA: Right now, I am shopping a full-length erotic horror novel hoping for a bite, it’s the first of 4 books in a series and whoever snatches it will have to be kind of brave to get on that ride with me. I also have a zombie short story out (non erotic) and an erotic story centered around a magician theme for an anthology due out in the spring sometime.

CP: Okay…Now a few nosy questions for the fans: Married/Single/Divorced/Involved?
XA: I’m always involved in something.
CP: Any children?
XA: My stories are my kids, well, and my cats and rabbit.
CP: What do you do in your ‘Xavier’ time?
XA: Hit the beach for beer and seafood.
CP: What are you reading right now?
XA: It’s so weird I’m really struggling with reading right now; first time in my life. But, by my bed are two books; Mrs. Dalloway (that I’ve been slogging through for about 100 years) and Dune which scrambles my brain every time I pick it up.
CP: What music do you enjoy?
XA: Music is a monstrously huge part of my life. I listen to everything from 60’s girl groups to Rob Zombie and The Misfits. The last job I had was in a sex shop and my coworkers would always know when I was working when the music would go from Fleetwood Mac to Black Flag and then 80’s Freestyle. 
CP: Favorite food?
XA: Anything spicy, the hotter the better.
CP: Favorite movie?
XA: A Streetcar Named Desire; I’m a huge Vivien Leigh guy.
CP: Personal preference: Long sleeves or barefoot weather?
XA: Barefoot, I’m in flip flops now.
CP: What advice or wisdom can you pass along?
XA: Do you; don’t worry about what other people are doing, just DO YOU 
CP: And what are you most proud of?
XA: Being brave enough to pursue creative fulfillment.

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