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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Dreamed A Dream

I must be suffering from a political backlash lately because I am finding so many other things to rant and ramble about that it must be karma. Just this past week, I saw something that made me smile and cheer and that gave me goose bumps all at the same time. This came in the guise of a Scottish lady named Susan Boyle whose name is now a household word, and in the space of seven short days.

I am not a huge TV person but I do enjoy watching some things and if there isn’t anything on here I am prone to going on the internet and watching television from other countries. One of the shows I enjoy is Britain’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and Amanda Holden are the hosts of this extravaganza and it is usually a lot of fun. Last week, I saw a headline about somebody who’d become a web sensation because of an appearance on the show and I clicked in to see what all the hubbub was about. What I saw is one of the highlights of my year.

Forty-seven year old Susan Boyle, from Blackburn, West Lothia, Scotland, went before Simon and his cohorts and told them, and an audience of hundreds, that she wanted to be a professional singer, like Elaine Page, and she elicited laughter and looks of disdain from the audience. The judges weren’t sure what to make of her either but she was funny and game for the experience so she carried it off well. She didn’t look like anything special. She was rather homely really. Dark curly hair cut short and bushy eyebrows. A plain face and she was wearing a cream colored dress with high heels. She really didn’t appear to be anything more than somebody plain.

Then she opened her mouth.

And started to sing.

Choosing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, Susan proceeded to take the roof off the place. She peeled the paint off the walls. Her voice was angelic and her delivery was impeccable. From the first line of the song, she had the entire audience, as well as Simon, Piers, and Amanda, in the palm of her hand. She received not one but two standing ovations and even Simon Cowell was speechless with admiration. Now that is a feat indeed.

When Susan finished the song, she blew the adoring crowd a kiss and turned around to walk off the stage. The judges all clamored for her to return for their response and it took the hosts, Ant and Dec, to shoo her back out onto the stage. She was well served to do so.

Piers Morgan said that Susan was the biggest surprise he’d had in three years of doing the show.

Amanda Holden said it was a complete privilege to hear her performance.

Simon Cowell, smiling all over himself and still breathless with glee, said he knew Susan was going to deliver something extraordinary from the moment she walked onstage.

She got a resounding yes from each one of them and was off to get ready for the live competition in May at Wembley Stadium.

Susan Boyle, thanks to the internet and You Tube, is now a global sensation. This little lady from Scotland is perhaps the best known person in the world right now. Everybody everywhere is rooting for her and is enamored of her amazing gift. She possesses a talent that is rare. Her voice is a joy and a delight. Her exuberance is contagious. She is unarguably a phenomenon and there are few people as deserving as she is of this honor.

Now responding to her sudden and immense popularity, Susan is gearing up for her big performance in May and she is enjoying all this attention with zeal. News reports said she got a standing ovation when she went to church after her amazing appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and it is also being said that she’s already in talks with Simon’s Sony BMG record label. This little lady is headed for a big future.

Susan’s story is the kind of success that people need to hear about all along in life. Someone who beats the odds and becomes a huge sensation on the merits of her talent. She is the epitome of what it means to have a dream come true and her humble acceptance of all the accolades she is currently receiving only serves to endear even more to a worldwide audience that will undoubtedly be watching in delight when she goes up for the two hundred and fifty thousand pound prize that comes with winning the show…and nobody can imagine that she won’t take it home.

I’ll be watching Susan in May and everyone should remember her name. She is certainly headed for greatness.


She’s already there.