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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Flashback

Oh those 80's videos! They were like short films. I used to sit up on Friday and Saturday nights and watch Night Tracks on TBS. This came on every week for years. It was more popular than MTV in its hey day. Music videos today are way too polished and way too self serving, for my tastes anyway. I love the 80's feel to those old ones and I love it that I can revisit them on You Tube here in the 21st Century. The miracle of technology...

The Hooters were an 80's band that had a lot of talent and a few hits to back it up. Their biggest single was And We Danced. I bought this 45 and then the LP afterward. I played them both to death. The sound was fresh and it propelled the single into the top ten. I thought this band should have had a long career but they, like so many other 80's groups, just fizzled out after their one big album. Finding the video for their greatest hit was a fun discovery. I'd forgotten most of it and seeing it again was a treat. I hope I'm not alone in this opinion.

Embedding was "disabled by request" so I can only post the URL to the video. A little disappointed but it is well worth it. Enjoy:

Random Foci

I seem to be all over the place with my attention right now. That is not typical of me either. I am usually a task oriented person and when I have to multi task I can prioritize like nobody's business! Maybe the planets are in a strange orbit this week. Who knows? I seem to be getting a lot done nonetheless.

The biggest thing going on for me right now is the promotion for my new book, The Moving Finger Writes. I have been really busy with that. I taped an interview for a radio show out of Tempe, Arizona, called "The Author's Show." I have some local media shots coming up. The new book just popped up on Barnes & Noble and both my books are on as well as This is a lot for a simple guy from Georgia. I even have a book signing coming up on June 6 at The Book Nook here in town! Wow.
My web magazine, Web Digest Weekly, is also purring along like a kitten. I'm presently completing the 128th Edition and there is no end in sight! Dave Amerman, better known as 12 Pack from VH-1, will the be Spotlight guest this coming week. Dave is a sweetheart of a guy and he has a lot going for him. The e-zine updates every Saturday night and it's always a blast to get each new edition posted. I really enjoy doing this and without it I'd have never launched my career as a professional writer. Dreams do come true after all, eh?
Survivor is also something I'm paying a lot of attention right now. I love this show! I've seen every edition and I don't think I've ever missed an episode. The lItalicatest edition, Tocantins, set in South America, is one of the most exciting entries in the series. Unless he goes home tonight, my money is on Coach to win. He isn't very well liked but if he can survive to the final two, as the last of his original tribe, he's a shoe-in to win.
Daisy Of Love and the new Charm School are also guilty pleasures of mine. Daisy De La Hoya from Rock Of Love has her own spinoff and it is a hoot! 12 Pack is one of the guys vying for her affections and everything about this show sparkles. Charm School is featuring Rock Of Love and Real Chance At Love girls this time and Riki Lake is the new headmistress. It's only had one episode so far but it is great. I don't know if I'll like Riki as much as I liked Sharon Osborne in the last season, but she's got my attention so far. I still think they should do a Charm School entry with guys from I Love New York. That would be cool-icious!
So now I'm off to accomplish a little more writing before the day winds down. At last it seems that Spring has arrived and we've been having a lot of rain. I shouldn't complain because of the drought we had here in 2006 and 2007, but it would be nice to have a weekend that was pretty instead of wet.
And this is (all) my sole focus for now.