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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Flashback

Oh those 80's videos! They were like short films. I used to sit up on Friday and Saturday nights and watch Night Tracks on TBS. This came on every week for years. It was more popular than MTV in its hey day. Music videos today are way too polished and way too self serving, for my tastes anyway. I love the 80's feel to those old ones and I love it that I can revisit them on You Tube here in the 21st Century. The miracle of technology...

The Hooters were an 80's band that had a lot of talent and a few hits to back it up. Their biggest single was And We Danced. I bought this 45 and then the LP afterward. I played them both to death. The sound was fresh and it propelled the single into the top ten. I thought this band should have had a long career but they, like so many other 80's groups, just fizzled out after their one big album. Finding the video for their greatest hit was a fun discovery. I'd forgotten most of it and seeing it again was a treat. I hope I'm not alone in this opinion.

Embedding was "disabled by request" so I can only post the URL to the video. A little disappointed but it is well worth it. Enjoy:


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