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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday's Flashback

Saturday nights have always been a big TV night for me. Ever since I was a kid this has been the case and I think it was because when I was in school my parents always made me go to bed at nine-thirty during the week. Fridays and Saturdays were the only nights I could stay up as late as I wanted. So I watched most anything I wanted and after I had a TV in my bedroom I could really feel free with the channel changer. Television was such a magical thing to me. My favorite shows were my escape into the realms of childhood fantasy and the stars of my shows were heroes to me. Nothing was more so than with The Carol Burnett Show.

This was once my Saturday night favorite. Long before Fantasy Island and The Love Boat ruled, Carol and company made me laugh hysterically and I would imagine myself in the sketches with them. Everybody has their favorite sketch and it's usually "Eunice, Ed, and Mama" or "Went With The Wind." While these are faves of mine as well, it was always "Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Whiggins" that I seemed to enjoy the most. Carol and Tim Conway were just magical in this series of sketches and they never let the audience down. Here is one of my favorites of their work together and thanks to You Tube I can now enjoy these all over again. I can share them too. Which is special for a boy from Georgia who grew up idolizing these fascinating people.


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