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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sad News From Old Friends

I had a sad call a while ago. Some dear friends of mine who live in Arkansas, and who used to live here, have suffered an enormous loss in their family. Their niece, Micah Pate, of Bartlett, TN, was reported missing by her husband on Thursday evening. He reported to police that she went out for a run and did not return. Apparently, on Friday evening, after joining in a community search for her, her husband, Thomas, confessed to police that he had murdered her and then he took them to her body. She was only 26.

I remember her coming here to visit my friends with her parents when she was a child. She had grown up and become a nurse. There was no indication to anyone that anything was wrong with her marriage. In reading the news report of the murder on the internet, I am once again reminded that you can never really know what is going on inside a person's mind. No matter how well you might think you know someone, you never really do.

I am heartbroken for my friends and for their family. I always feel so sad whenever someone young, with such a full life ahead of them, is taken in such a senseless manner and I know the family needs mountains of positive thoughts and good vibes sent their way right now.

If anyone would like to read the news report, here is the link:,0,4785534.story

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