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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Mission In Action

 Compelling entertainment is often a difficult find in the digital age. With so many choices both online and off, it can be discouraging to people who want more than fluff in the shows they watch. So when a series like Missions in Action comes along, it is a virtual breath of fresh air. Produced by Around The World Productions, the series is an uplifting experience following people from all over the globe who are in need of help, and who are getting it.

Featuring Alexander Boylan, star of Around The World For Free and winner of The Amazing Race, whose travels have taken him to many exotic locales, it was the plight of those less fortunate that he found along the way which inspired him to begin work on Missions In Action. Along with his production partner Burton Roberts, the duo put together this inspirational series focusing on their efforts to bring aid to the people whose lives touched them and to also bring attention to the ongoing needs of the very people whose stories they are sharing. Working with organizations such as Compassion International, World Vision, and ChildFund, among others, Missions in Action produced nineteen segments. Yet, as is often the case with quality entertainment, obstacles soon began popping up. Speaking with Burton via email, he explained the dilemma.

“As you know, we were able to film nineteen episodes last year to highlight people in need around the world,” he says. “While those episodes turned out better than we could have expected, we unfortunately were not able to get much distribution or traction anywhere. 
“The lack of interest stemmed from the fact that the show has a Christian angle to it and our partners were mostly Christian based charities. Rather than continue to fight this challenge, we have decided to embrace the Christian aspect of it and reach out to friends and family to help generate more of a buzz and to give them a chance to be a part of this. 
“We are using a social funding site called Indiegogo to help raise funds, and we have created incentives for people to help out and be a part of it.  For example, after so much positive feedback from viewers about sharing the stories with others, we have created Daily Devotionals and Lesson Plans that people can get with the episodes so they can use those at home or in church and with families or small groups as inspiration and talking points. “
Additionally, Burton and Alex have produced a video to help promote the work they’re doing with Missions In Action.

Mother Teresa once said: “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” This sentiment is clearly present in the work of Alexander, Burton, and everyone else associated with Missions In Action. This is a superior show and the stories will both move and overjoy you as you watch them. It truly is a mission in action and this writer is awed by the dedication of the men who are so committed to keeping the work alive.

Carey Parrish