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Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Survive

I Survive
My time here is fleeting.
My waning years are nigh.
But I will be remembered.
Because through my words, I survive.
My bones are growing weary.
My spirit still flies high.
You may dismiss my very being.
But still, I survive.
I may not claim to genius.
I may have only common ties.
But I will be immortal.
Because in spite of all, I survive.
This life has been painful.
It has given me it's shares of highs.
But even at it's very death.
I can say I survive.
Through thousands of dawns and thousands of eves,
I have wakened and I did lie.
But at the bittersweet end of it all,
I survive.
You may record me into yesterday.
You may tell the world I died.
You may pretend that I never was.
But like all before me, I survive.
Carey Parrish
© 2017 Carey Parrish