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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Review: Cool Side of The Pillow by Gregory G. Allen

The multi talented Gregory G. Allen returns with a new novel just as satisfying and just as entertaining as his past titles. Cool Side of The Pillow is Allen at his best. Writing from the point of view of Zachary Kleinmann, he takes us on a tour of one man’s psyche during a period of self discovery that is thrilling audiences.
Zachary gave up his career to be a stay-at-home dad. His wife has a great job and he’s enjoyed the years of nurturing and watching his child grow up. But nothing lasts forever and when his tot enters kindergarten, Zachary is left with questions about himself and his future that he never expected to confront.
A literary portrait emerges as Zachary finds his way through the changing landscape of his life. Growing as a person, he begins to rediscover who he is as he recalls the man he was before he chose to chuck it all in favor of a life of domesticity. Entering the world of Ginger Charman, a free spirited actress, he is drawn into the enigma she presents and the life he lived before may not be one he wants to return to.
Gregory G. Allen is a storyteller of the first order. He doesn’t ascribe to one certain genre and in doing so he gives his audience something new, something fresh, and something completely different with each successive release. The award winning author of such popular titles as Well With My Soul and Patchwork of Me gives his all with each offering and Cool Side of The Pillow follows in the tradition of Allen’s excellent work. It’s another masterpiece from a master writer. 5 Stars.
Carey Parrish