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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Flashback

With the news today that Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn has Hodgkins Disease, I know I am among a multitude who is sending him nothing but positive thoughts and good vibes. I first met Ethan a couple years ago when I was doing a Survivor marathon of interviews for Web Digest Weekly and Ethan was the last Spotlight (then called "Featured Artist") in the series. Talking with Ethan was so easy that it was like chatting with an old friend and the two of us have remained email pals ever since, albeit on an all too infrequent basis.

Ethan is a man who is truly amazing. Following his big win on Survivor, he organized and spearheaded Grassroot Soccer, a non profit corporation that works to get medications and help to HIV patients in Africa. Ethan is passionate about this and he has done so much to bring awareness to the plight of the stricken in Africa that his spirit shines with his determination. In my opinion, this is a much more important accomplishment than his winning Survivor back in 2001. Ethan is a special person. Indeed.
Tonight, in honor of Ethan and to support him in his new fight, I thought it would be more than fitting to revisit the night he won Survivor. This is for Ethan and for everyone who loves, respects, and supports him, now and always.

Ethan, we love you.