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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Message to AT&T Users

I don't usually do this but I was flatly pissed off by AT&T this evening. I called in to find out where all my minutes are going each month. I don't talk a lot on my phone and the most calling I do is to family members. We are all on AT&T and are supposed to be talking to each other free. Well, the friendly representative who handled my call told me that I was not receiving any mobile to mobile minutes because "it's not on your plan."

Come again?

I have a Blackberry. When I upgraded last time I took the Blackberry plan which I was given to understand included all features such as mobile to mobile calling. The friendly representative I spoke to informed me that this was not so and that I must have misunderstood. Then she offered to upgrade my plan for an additional $20 a month. I hung up after threatening to move to a different provider, to which she made no reply.

A few minutes later another rep called to see what had "upset" me "so badly that you hung up on the other rep." I was happy to share this with him. He then explained that there must have indeed been some mix up when I got my Blackberry and proceeded to add the mobile to mobile feature onto my plan for me. I also got an additional 100 anytime minutes per month. My bill only goes up $2.68 per month. That's more like it.

Okay, this did smooth over the edges of the first call. But I warn everyone reading this blog: Check out your AT&T plan and make sure you aren't being ripped off because you might not be getting what you thought you were supposed to. AT&T isn't very interested in you unless you mention changing providers. This is bad business. BAD BUSINESS.

I hope AT&T is reading this. In today's economy, shady dealings with customers can have far reaching repercussions. Especially when the power of the internet is on the consumers' side.


Blogger David Michaels said...

It's nice that they gave you the mobile-to-mobile and some extra minutes per month, especially for such a small price.

But, it's sad/annoying/frustrating to consumers when we HAVE to get upset, threaten to take our business elsewhere, etc to get any kind of special deal.

I worked in retail and customer service for a long time. I hated when customers bitched and complained, just to get a deal.

Instead, if a customer was polite, nice, gently explained their problem...I bent over backwards and went above and beyond to make things right.

Companies should reward consumers for BEING NICE and BEING LOYAL. How awesome would it be to receive an e-mail saying, "Hey Bob, thanks for paying your monthly bill on time for the last 12 months. Your next bill is free. Thanks for being a loyal customer."

December 4, 2010 at 6:38 AM  

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