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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12 Recap: And Then There Were Seven

This week's episode of Survivor Nicaragua was an exercise in the absurd. After moaning and bitching about the weather, the hunger, the ocean, the everything, both NaOnka and Purple Kelly decided to quit the game. Twenty-eight days in - and only eleven more days to go - they announced after the challenge that they were going to leave. They had each already shared their intentions with their tribemates but no one really took them seriously because they've both said the same thing in the past. At first, after their challenge revelation, Jeff Probst didn't take them seriously either.

Flashback to the beginning of the episode. Everyone was returning from the previous tribal council where they had voted out Brenda and NaOnka was flying because of how things went down, while Purple Kelly was reeling from being left out of the decision to jettison Brenda. There were no new indications from either of them that they were again considering leaving early. Not then.

It wasn't until after the next morning when the weather took a turn for the stormy and the wind was cold while the rain blew in sideways. drenching everybody. that these girls started their kvetching again. NaOnka talked about being anemic and not being able to take the cold. Purple Kelly began exclaiming that her body was just breaking down and she couldn't go on. A few pep talks ensued from Jane and Holly. For the most part Chase, Benry, Sash, Fabio, and Dan could have cared less. Everyone seemed happy either way things were going to go down. Either the girls would remain and tough it out or they would quit and make the playing field wider for those who were staying.

Then came the challenge. With Dan sitting out, opting to pull for the blue team of Benry, NaOnka, Holly, and Chase, the object was to untie an eight foot long stuffed Gulliver and then carry him across a series of three obstacles. The first team to get to the finish line would get a cinema treat of popcorn, hot dogs, candy, and a private viewing of the new Jack Black comedy Gulliver. The yellow team of Fabio, Sash, Jane, and Purple Kelly fell behind on the last obstacle, giving the blue team all the time they needed to win. It was at this juncture where NaOnka and Purple Kelly announced that they were leaving the game at the end of the day.

Probst was really annoyed at them, it seemed. He talked to them about how they were so close to the end and that they didn't look like quitters. His words fell on deaf ears, so he said they would have a tribal council that night and "sort it all out" if the girls would agree to give it some more thought, reminding them both that on more than one occasion during the game they had done things which they later regretted. The girls agreed.

Then Jeff said that the tribe had endured the flood that washed away some of their things and the fire that destroyed their extra food, supplies, and part of their tarp. He then unveiled a new tarp and a tin full of enough rice to get them through to the end of the game, stating that if someone from the winning blue team would agree to sit out the reward then the whole tribe could have the replenished supplies. All eyes fell on NaOnka. True to her selfish character, she did not step up to the plate and take the offer. Holly did it instead. She selflessly gave up her place in the reward to get the tribe what it needed, and when she took her spot with the yellow team she gave NaOnka a "bad move" look. NaOnka averted her eyes.

This girl then went on the reward with Benry, Chase, and Dan. She fully enjoyed the hot dogs and the popcorn and the candy and the movie. She behaved entirely self-centeredly, which did not escape the notice of her peers, and then she had the audacity to defend her decision to take the reward even though she was planning to leave at the end of the day. There was no one left who asked her to stay after this.

Back at camp, Jane and Holly both tried again to prop up Purple Kelly by telling her that with only a short time to go she would be foolish to quit. Holly even reminded her that in the game of Survivor one wanted to leave by the vote and not by quitting. Kelly paid little to no attention. Her mind was made up.

At the impromptu tribal council Probst again berated the girls for what they were considering, telling them that by doing so they would be joining the "quitters" who no one ever remembered. The other tribe members stated how they felt that being there was a huge opportunity which shouldn't be wasted. Jane made the most eloquent speech, telling them that if they thought Survivor was the roughest thing they would ever face then they were in for a rude awakening as they got older. She also reminded them that in today's economy there are a lot of peope worse off than them who didn't have the chance to win a million dollars. Jeff then asked for a final decision from both girls. They each quit.

Asking that their torches be "smuffed," as NaOnka put it, Probst agreed to put out their fire but he said their torches would remain in the council area to remind them - and everyone else - that they were quitters. Both then made her exit.

The jury of Brenda, Alina, and Marty was both amused and outraged by what was happening. Each one of them wanted to play the game but were voted out, and here were two quitting? The jury's point of view is well taken.

And then there were seven.

For next week, the preview showed the younger boys plotting to oust Jane and Holly because they are well aware that both ladies will win if they get to the end. Strangely they didn't mention Dan. Bad move. Dan, in my opinion, is the one to watch out for because, as I wrote in a previous recap, I've never seen anyone with the ability to so easily disappear into a group with the ease he displays. If Dan gets to the finals, he will walk away with it all.

Favorite quote of the week - Jeff Probst: "This game is not about how big you are on the outside. It's about how big you are on the inside."

(Note: I've interviewed dozens of Survivor contestants and I've become friends with many of them. However, I have never interviewed someone who quit the game. Why? Because I don't respect anybody who would quit Survivor. For someone like myself, who would LOVE to play Survivor but who will never get the chance, it is an insult for anybody to get that opportunity and then throw it all away.)


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