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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's Flashback

Way back in the early 70’s, the Edgar Winter Group recorded one of the best known songs of the rock era. Free Ride is a love song, an anthem of independence, and a dance along track that continues to rock listeners on radio all these years later. This song, written by the legendary Dan Hartman, just makes people feel good.

I couldn’t find a really good video of the band performing the song live, but there are many lower quality ones on You Tube, so I settled for this audio set to the cover of the album which spawned the single. Whether the track is live or not, it still delivers the same punch and there is little to compare with its groove when you get right down to it.

Free Ride crosses generations to remain popular and contemporary. The band is still touring and thrilling fans with their biggest hit ever, and it’s a classic that will never lose its appeal.


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