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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tina Turner Thursday

Tina Turner’s 1995 album Wildest Dreams was a major hit in Europe and the UK, while it only attracted mild interest here in the US. This was really one of her best solo efforts and it continues to gain followers fifteen years after it was released. The tracks ranged in appeal from pure techno pop to smoothly arranged love songs and Tina never sounded better as she delivered the tunes in her unique way.

The biggest international hit of the album was her cover of Taylor Dayne’s Whatever You Want. The video is just amazing and it gives its audience a sizzling look at what powers Tina’s enduring popularity. Still a huge crowd pleaser in her live shows, Whatever You Want is a masterpiece in itself. It is proof positive of the magic that can happen when a superior song is performed by a superior entertainer and mixed with the superior production values evident on Wildest Dreams.

One of my favorite Tina performances ever, Whatever You Want still makes me go all ga-ga whenever I hear it. This is just one of those songs that will always remain timeless. Perhaps Ms. Turner’s timeless star power is the reason…I think so.


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