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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's Author

When I first met Will Entrekin, we were both on My Space and we hit it off right away. On reading, writing, and life in general we shared many of the same tastes and ideals. Will's writing even then was superb. His blogs were just enthralling. Then he published his first book, a self titled tome called Entrekin, which was really a nice look inside the guy himself. I knew he was ready for the big time. He was living in L.A. and attending college there, taking classes from some of the most respected writers on today's scene. How could he go wrong?

He didn't. Now he lives in New York and his first novel, Meets Girl, is almost ready for release. A work of fiction that I know will be a hit, Will has given this book his all and he's promoting the hell out of it already. I for one am anxious to read it. I know I'm not alone either. Will's warm personality and friendly nature make him very easy to like and he has a genuine interest in the people he meets. Together with his innate writing skills, the package is practically unbeatable. Get to know him. You'll see what I mean.


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