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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Author

If you're looking for a good, meaty mystery featuring a new kind of detective, look no further than Josh Aterovis. With titles like Reap The Whirlwind, Bleeding Hearts, All Lost Things, and The Truth of Yesterday to his credit, Josh has created something of a franchise with his teenage sleuth, Killian Kendall. Killian is the first gay detective in literary history who is still in his formative years. He has a way of getting under the facade that the antagonists of these stories construct and putting together often obscure clues to end up with a climax that is very satisfying indeed.

Josh writes about Killian because when he was a teenager himself there were no literary characters like him. Josh saw a need and he filled it. His fans enjoy his work immensely and the backdrops of his characters resonate with readers because they are real, identifiable; much more than the average two dimensional images which are painted by mundane writers. Josh hits a nerve because he feels it on a personal level and he is able to relate this to his audience with ease. This is, without question, what a true author should be about.


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