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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday

The immortal Patsy Cline. Perhaps the best female singer of the 20th Century, Patsy possessed a silken soprano voice that brings chill bumps to the skin whenever you hear it. Putting on a Patsy Cline CD, it seems like she’s somewhere in the house singing instead of emanating from the stereo speakers. Patsy’s voice was a true instrument that she used to its fullest potential.

It is almost impossible to believe that nearly fifty years have passed since Patsy Cline died. At the tender age of only 32, Patsy took with her to the grave the hopes and dreams of the heights she might have climbed had she lived. She couldn’t have gone a lot further than she already had, but oh how it begs the imagination to wonder where her stardom could have taken her. She’d already ruled the country charts, crossed over to the pop charts, and she was the first country artist who topped the Billboard Hot 100. She was a Vegas hit as well as a star in New York. She could seemingly do no wrong.

In this clip from the early 60’s, Patsy shows just what made her the biggest thing country music had ever produced. Wearing a headband that covered the scar she received to her forehead in a disastrous 1962 car accident, Patsy was just back on her feet and returning to work when this was shot. Her voice had never sounded better. She was at her peak and enjoying every minute of it. She was, simply, Patsy Cline.


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