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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Review - Arthur Wooten's Shorts by Arthur Wooten

Arthur Wooten, the bestselling author of Birthday Pie, On Picking Fruit and Fruit Cocktail, has produced yet another instant classic. Arthur Wooten's Shorts is a delightful book that includes a short story, Stroke of Luck, and the famous Dear Henry Letters from his tenure with London based reFRESH magazine. Arthur is one of those writers whose next release I always await with zeal, so when he asked me to give this new gem a pre-release read, I couldn't contain my enthusiasm.

Stroke of Luck is the tale of celebrity chef Chip Lowell. Chip is utterly confident with himself, not to mention sought after because of his looks as well as his talent. He's on the brink of unveiling a new TV cooking show when a life changing event causes him to do some introspective work... which includes giving scrutiny to every detail in his life, and every person therein as well.

The Dear Henry Letters are the culmination of Arthur's two year writing stint for reFRESH. Inside their text you will find a delightful mixture of emotions and side splitting humor as he writes to a fictional lover, Henry, about just why they need to part company. And while parting may be such sweet sorrow, you won't want this one to end.

Arthur Wooten's Shorts, inside and out, is a dynamic entry in this multi talented scribe's bibliography of hits. An immediate success, readers won't be disappointed in the least and Mr. Wooten's ever growing fan base is in for a treat. It's that good.
5 Stars. Link:
Arthur's Website:

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