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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Review - Short Stack by Scott Morgan

One of the best collections I've read in some time, Short Stack is a book that is filled with gems that stand alone quite nicely but which coalesce into a nice anthology with ease. Written by the talented Scott Morgan, one of the most promising writers I've discovered this past year, the writing style he utilizes is enviable indeed.

The poetry includes such delicious nuggets as Bells, A Cat's Life, Muscle, and Give Me Credit. Each one is written with a deft hand and a knowledge of literature that impart their gifts to the text in a seemingly effortless manner. The short fiction pieces are just as engaging and entertaining. Jasmine, Perfect Rock, Brown Paper Bags, and Bruce Goodlooks To The Rescue are only the finest examples of Mr. Morgan's talents at writing short stories which are every bit as memorable as any novel you've ever read.

After reading this collection, I came across Scott on Twitter and developed a nice rapport with him. His website is chock full of niceties but it is his eagerness to help other writers attain the best of their talents that I find the most admirable of his qualities.

Scott Morgan is definitely a writer the world is going to be hearing a lot about in the coming years. A talent like his is too much to keep secret and fortunately he isn't inclined to try. Short Stack is a sampling of his ability to write text that is both crisp and fresh while utterly enthralling, and his poetry is nothing less than excursions into the mind of the one who wrote them; instances of emotion transformed into words with honesty and clarity akimbo. Well done indeed.
5 Stars.

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