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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book Review - Lust, Money, & Murder by Mike Wells

Really irresistible page turner by novelist Mike Wells, Lust, Money, and Murder is the story of a woman out for revenge against the man who ruined her father and her vow to see him pay takes her on a journey around the world that is neither predictable nor dull in the slightest.

The heroine's name is Elaine Brogan. She watches in horror as her father is arrested for passing counterfeit money and the man she holds responsible becomes the catalyst for a dive into the world of a Secret Service agent, the grueling treatment Elaine must endure to become one, and then the time she must bide until her quest really begins.

As Elaine sets out to bring her father's nemesis to justice she goes on a wild ride through Bulgaria, Russia, and eventually Italy that gives the reader enough thrills to keep the pages turning as the climax, which is anything but what you might expect, comes into view. Add in the ingredients of romance and suspense and the result is a novel you won't want to end a page too soon.

Author Wells has written a real delight in Lust, Money, and Murder. It reads like something Sidney Sheldon might have written at the height of his literary career but the overall effect is a thoroughly enthralling story told by a writer who quite indelibly has a style all his own.
5 Stars.

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