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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday's Author

When it comes to true originals, Victor J. Banis stands proudly among the lot. This is a man who has been writing his own brand of fiction for more years than some folks have been around. He's attracted a massive following and his readers always clamor for each new title as soon as it is released. Victor makes the imagination of his audience his playground when he writes. There is little to compare to a real author at work and Victor proves this in infinite detail.

Having interviewed him, he always catches the interest of his subject because his is an enigmatic personality.  Having overcome so many obstacles in his career, not the least of which being a potential jail sentence in the early sixties for writing a homosexual novel, Victor is considered a hero of the equal rights movement to a great many people. By refusing to be branded or labeled by society, he stood up for himself and set an example that so many others are now celebrating.

With titles like Neighbors, Tell Them Katy Did, and The Princess of the Andes in his library, Victor keeps turning out one crowd pleaser after another, as is evidenced by his latest book The Final Curtain. Victor is someone for the ages; a true artist.


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