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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday's Flashback

Simple Minds was one of the biggest bands of the mid-80's. The UK sensation burst onto the scene with a delicious #1 hit called Don't You Forget About Me, which was the theme song from the hit John Hughes film The Breakfast Club. Following this, Simple Minds went on a streak of Top 40 US hits that included Sanctify Yourself, Alive and Kicking, and All The Things She Said. Back in the day they could do no wrong.

All The Things She Said remains my favorite of the band's biggest hits. Its riffs are infectious, the lyrics are undeniably contagious, and the arrangement is a perfect 80's pop sound that was defined by groups like Simple Minds in the first place. Still a radio favorite after nearly twenty-five years, this song gets me moving every time I hear it. It makes me feel young again.


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