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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Flashback

One of more successful of the early seventies eccentric pop singers, Melanie Safka made a name for herself with the song Lay Down (Candles In The Rain). She would have a few more pop hits but none more catchy, or more bizarre, than her number one single Brand New Key. A tune about a girl who loves to roller skate, making pilgrimages to the home of her unrequited love, while being given the brush off each time, became a big, big thing in the summer of 1970. Melanie's little-girl-lost delivery of the song fit perfectly with her high octave range and it sounded just like she really was a high school chick with a crush. You can't get this one out of your head whenever you think of it but it gives the listener a good feeling because of the innocence it portrays.

A live clip of Melanie performing her biggest hit, this is fun to watch because it also displays her prowess as a guitarist. The song's ability to make an audience sing and clap along is also very present here. It's fun. It's odd. It's not your average pop song. But it is a classic all by itself.


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