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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Author

Having interviewed him twice, and sought his advice on a true crime mystery in my hometown, author Gregg Olsen has proven his mettle both on the bestseller lists as well as in the realm of friendship. Gregg's books have run the gamut from the story of product tampering murderess Stella Nickell to teacher-gone-wrong Mary Kay Letourneau. He has reported firsthand on most of the cases he's written about and he's appeared on television everywhere from Snapped to American Justice. His work is lauded and praised by all who've read him.

Gregg has also proven his talents at fiction. His novels Victim Six, A Wicked Snow, Heart of Ice, and A Cold Dark Place have increased his fan base exponentially. With his next novel, Closer Than Blood, due out next year, Gregg is preparing himself and his audience for another unqualified success.

Gregg Olsen is a man of many tanets who tells a story, whether true life or fiction, with imagination and insight that sets his work apart from all others in his field. He's a true friend as well.


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