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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday's Author

The author of the acclaimed novel Sugar-Baby Bridge, Brett Edward Stout is a man who personifies the current hot button topic associated with "Don't Ask Don't Tell." As a Marine, Brett struggled with finding his identity as a gay man and as a soldier fighting for his country. Brett once told me that he loved the Marines and that his love for them made him want them to be better. He didn't condemn the entire military for its policy on preventing its members from living their lives openly. On the contrary, he embraced what he loved about the Marines and set out to change what he found distasteful.

Brett doesn't shirk away from issues that cause controversy. He knows the issues and he is completely comfortable with his views concerning them. So comfortable in fact that he doesn't think twice when it comes to trying to affect the changes he would like to see take place. Brett sees all people as equal, no matter their gender or social status or life choice. They're just people to him. People who deserve the same rights as everyone else who shares the species.


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