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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Flashback

Peter Cetera rose from being lead singer for the legendary group Chicago to become a solo star of the highest echelon. The voice on hit songs like You're The Inspiration and classic albums such as Chicago 17, Cetera bolted from the group in the mid 80's and immediately put himself on the pop map with hits like Glory of Love. His is one of those rare voices that people recognize as soon as they hear it and the lyrics of his songs become engrained in the minds of the public; so much so that you'll find yourself singing along to even muzak versions of his work.

In a clip from a Japanese television show, Cetera displays what made him so famous with a performance of his 1988 mega hit One Good Woman. The style is unique. The arrangement is excellent. The performance is sensational. No one can deliver a love song with the punch that Cetera imparts.


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