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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday's Author

One of the most talented writers I've had the privelege to meet, Arthur Wooten is a master of his craft. The author of the bestsellers On Picking Fruit and its sequel Fruit Cocktail, Arthur is also an accomplished playwright. His original play Birthday Pie has been developed into a motion picture with the involvement of Phylicia Rashad and her uber-famous sister Debbie Allen. Arthur was also instrumental in the production of a documentary on the life of singer Paul Nicholas, who was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis at a young age and became the recipient of a stem cell transplant.

What really sets Arthur apart from his peers is the sheer humanitarianism of his soul. Arthur is never one to pass by another who is suffering without finding out what he can do to help. His heart is bigger than the Manhattan he calls home. I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur last spring when I was in NYC for the finale of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and I asked Arthur to go along with me for the evening. His company is certainly - and highly - recommended, and his work is more than worthy of all the praise it has received.


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