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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Author

I normally hesitate to call poets "authors," because poetry is an art unto itself. Yet my friend Vincent John Ancona is an author in the truest sense of the word because his work creates a universe of its own. Vince has a way with language that he uses to convey feelings within himself in the most genuine of manners. He can cause a reader to get lost in a sea of verse upon which you won't mind floating. His book Introspection is a masterpiece in my opinion. Like so many others, I am eagerly awaiting his next release.

I got to spend some time with Vince in Los Angeles last summer when we were both visiting a friend there. Being that he lives in Philadelphia and I'm in Georgia, it was a little amusing that we met up on the West Coast, but there we were. The time we spent together wasn't nearly long enough but after a few years of emails and phone calls, just finally being together was a blast, and the fact that we both got to see our darling Susaye Greene in concert while we were there made it all the more special. Vince is a true artist and an even truer person. I'm lucky to know him, and you will be too.


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