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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday's Flashback

The life of Florence Ballard has been described as tragic. She was one of The Supremes, the most successful American vocal group of the rock era, and at the height of her career she was what would have been considered wealthy by the standards of the day. Yet she couldn’t hold on to what she had. Bitter demons, both from without and within her control, led her down a path that was self destructive and ultimately mortal.

Since Flo’s death in 1976, at the young age of 32, her life has been chronicled by various writers. Even Diana Ross and Mary Wilson have written about Flo and what they witnessed of the downward spiral that she suffered. After having been one of the best known entertainers in the world, Florence died broke in Detroit. She left behind three daughters.

Her girls have not known a life that different from their mother’s. A few years ago, around the time Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for playing a Florence-inspired character in the hit film Dreamgirls, Florence’s daughters gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight where they discussed their lives and the legacy their mom left them. Everyone loves a happy ending and in the case of Florence and her children maybe one day there will be one.


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