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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday's Flashback

When Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart reunited as the Eurhythmics in 1999, their comeback album Peace was an example of artistic brilliance. Perhaps their best collaboration ever, this set gave fans exactly what they were wanting in a Eurhythmics reunion.

17 Again, the album’s debut single, really shined. A sound that harkened back to their early days, it was made contemporary by Annie’s luscious delivery of the vocals. A composition that stands out among the lot of that – or any – year, 17 Again was a hit that made audiences recall why Eurhythmics made such a big splash in the first place. It even ends with an inclusion of the chorus from Sweet Dreams, their biggest hit.

The video for the song is an obvious protest against war but no one really cared. It was Annie and Dave, together, making the kind of music that they were meant to make. It would be lovely for this duo to come together again for another new album. Only be sure to make it as special as Peace.


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