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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's Flashback

Stuck in 1985. Dare Me by the Pointer Sisters was one of the most played songs on radio that summer. The title track from their Contact album, it made the rounds endlessly on MTV with its funky video and the more airplay it received the higher it climbed on the charts. The Sisters’ last Top 20 hit, Dare Me has the edge that audiences had come to expect from them.

The Pointer Sisters were always known for their intricate harmonies, unbeatable sibling chemistry, and of course those hot songs that made them famous. After the triple platinum success of their 1983 album Break Out, Contact was a perfect follow up and Dare Me was just the ticket to keep them in ermine.

With younger sister June now deceased, Ruth and Anita are still touring with Ruth’s daughter Isa, and occasionally sister Bonnie, the original fourth member of the group. Hits like Dare Me, classic and always in demand on radio, continue to gain them new fans all the time. The Pointer Sisters are one of those groups whose popularity will forever rise.


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