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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Flashback

One of 1985’s minor hits, Feel It Again is a contagious rocker that should have been a bigger hit than it became. Honeymoon Suite, a Canadian rock band formed in 1982, had already been on the charts in their homeland with their debut album, but it was their sophomore effort, The Big Prize, that brought them their greatest US success.

The video for Feel It Again is a great 80’s slice of pop. Clever visual effects intertwined with the band themselves acting out verses of the song delivered an effective punch indeed. The song itself has a driving beat, a bass that just won’t quit, riffs that have been copied again and again in the last twenty-five years, a powerful lead vocal by Johnnie Dee, and a chorus that gets in your head and just stays there.

Still a radio favorite, the song lives on and the band continues touring in Canada and in the US northeast. I still love to play this 45. I also continue to enjoy watching the video from time to time. Honeymoon Suite always gets my attention.


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