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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Author

Poetry is something I find absolutely enthralling. To read a poem is to get a glimpse inside the mind of the one who wrote it. Poets are often shrewd when it comes to revealing their true feelings and emotions. They hide them behind carefully orchestrated prose that sometimes one has to read closely in order to get the real meaning in the words on the page. This is why, in my humble opinion, poetry is an artform unto itself.

Timothy Gager is one of the most talented poets on today's scene. His words entwine together with such a clarity that the mental portrait he's painting comes through like a flash of sunlight. His work is lauded by critics from coast to coast. Collections like Short Street, We Needed A Night Out, and This Is Where You Go When You Are Gone are like multifaceted masterpieces of the genius it took to write them. Gager puts language to use with the dexterity of a sculptor sharpening a chisel before he releases the form within the marble slab he has chosen to transform. He also writes short stories with the same verve that he uses to create poetry.

Finding true artists in today's world is a difficult task to undertake. When one stumbles across the work of Timothy Gager, the mastery of his craft is undeniable. He simply exudes what it means to be a writer.


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So good of you to post this. Thanks so very much.


March 2, 2011 at 6:52 AM  

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