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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ship of Fools

I am utterly disgusted by the leadership in our country right now. Congress, back for a lame duck session before the changes next month, cannot agree on anything. They're putting their own agendas and petty grievances ahead of making any headway for the American people. The result is that our taxes will go up and all those who are on unemployment will be without any assistance, unless they do something. Which is not looking very hopeful at the moment.

President Obama held out an olive branch by meeting with Republican law makers and striking a deal to extend the Bush era tax cuts but he's been undermined by his own party members who are pouting like third graders because he didn't ask their permission before he did it. And as for the Republicans, they're too busy licking their chops for running the House come January to concentrate on anything important at the moment. They still seem oblivious to the fact that they have no control over the Senate or the White House, and that they split their own party by tolerating those damn Tea Partiers.

Issues like Don't Ask Don't Tell are also making headlines right now. The American public and the armed forces are for the repeal but our stupid Republican senators, led by the blockheaded John McCain, are too busy trying to stop it to care what anybody else thinks. It's what they want that seems to count; not what anybody else is interested in.

I can't be the only one who is seeing parallels here between our congress and the ancient Roman senate. Corruption, greed, and power are motivating the decisions are lawmakers are passing, or rather are not passing, instead of listening to  the country as a majority. Those with big heads can't think past what they want.

I'm beginning to think they're a ship of fools up there. Nobody doing what needs to be done and everybody busying themselves with topics that aren't germaine at the present. I say we recall two-thirds of them. What's there now is becoming increasingly impotent by its own actions.


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