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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's Flashback

The title track from Cher’s platinum 1989 album, Heart of Stone was a Top 20 hit that rocks like the best of them. This track gave the LP its identity and it was a perfect follow up to If I Could Turn Back Time. Cher looks great in the video too. For a woman who’d done it all by this point, this was a remarkable bounce back into the world of pop music for her.

Coming just a year after her Oscar win for Moonstruck, Heart of Stone gave Cher a big boost into the 90’s. The whole album just sparkled. Every song on it sounded like it had been written specifically for Cher and her vocals had never been better. She was at her undisputable best with this collection.

Remaining a perennial favorite among her fans, Cher gives a tour de force performance on Heart of Stone. The song, the arrangement, the singer, the whole enchilada, this one just keeps delivering as time goes by.


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