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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday's Flashback

Thanksgiving always brings back so many warm, wonderful memories from my youth. The whole family getting together to enjoy a time of fellowship, a wonderful meal, and the joy of being so fortunate in our lives. The spirit of the holiday was not lost on us as we enjoyed the day. And it's still like that for my family. We may all be grown now. We may have added things to be grateful for. We may remember fondly those who are not with us anymore. But Thanksgiving, as originally American as it is, still means so much in my life.

My favorite Thanksgiving special of all time, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving telecast has always been a must for me. Even now, at age 43, I still watch it every year. Snoopy's fight with the lawn chair is still as much of a delight as ever, and that scene with all the Peanuts kids gathering around the ping pong table to enjoy a feast of popcorn, toast, and candy just gets to me every time. The meaning of Thanksgiving is more apparent in this animated tradition than in any other I've ever seen. It will always be a classic.


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