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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday's Author

Allison Burnett is one of those writers who creates magic with his work. His novels Undiscovered Gyrl, The House Beautiful, and the award winning Christopher have given Allison a legion of devoted fans. With a flair that is unique and extremely original, this is an author who creates a whole world around his characters; a world readers don't mind diving into each time a new Burnett title arrives on the scene.

Allison is also a talented screenwriter. He wrote the film remake of Fame, which was a box office hit, as well other movies like Untraceable, The Feast of Love, Resurrecting the Champ, and Autumn in New York. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars have spoken Allison's lines; Morgan Freeman, Richard Gere, and Diane Lane just to name a few.

Having been acquainted with Allison for a few years now, we exchange emails now and then, and do the Facebook thing too, but I consider myself a fan of his as much as he is a friend of mine. The guy is a real dynamo. Just pick up one of his books and you'll realize the genius that has made him so successful.


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I like the new look! Please continue to provide the great quality your readers have enjoyed at all!

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