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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tina Turner Thursday

Steamy Windows is a number that has become synonymous with Tina Turner. The lead track on her Foreign Affair album, it excellently displays the brand of rock, soul, and R&B that she perfected early on in her career. Tina performs it with oomph and she usually opens her live shows with this song. It’s a rousing crowd pleaser that hasn’t dimmed in popularity with time.

A Top 40 hit at the time of its release, Steamy Windows really gives the listener a jolt to the senses. Tina’s vocals, as searing as ever, are perfectly suited to this material and she brings it home every time she sings it just like it’s the first time she sang it. Audiences love it. This is a classic if ever there was one.

Never looking better, Tina’s personage in the video is exquisite. She works it like the best that she is and her backing dancers and her band move with her like an expertly crafted machine. Everything about it is perfect. Just like Tina.


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