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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Those James Bond themes have been adding popular songs to the music charts for almost fifty years now. They’ve been done by the best in the business; everyone from Tina Turner to Paul McCartney to Carly Simon to Duran Duran. Bond and his themes have added a great to deal to pop culture and they continue to do so with each new release.

1983’s Octopussy is widely considered to be one of the best Bond outings of all time. Roger Moore was at the helm in this one, with one more to go, and he was never better than he was as he battled an exiled Indian prince and German secret agents, all the while aiming to avenge the death of a fellow spy. It was great fun and Octopussy and threw in everything but the kitchen sink to give us another mega hit in the Bond franchise.

Rita Coolidge performed the title theme from Octopussy, All Time High. It’s not the biggest Bond hit theme song ever, but it is a classic nonetheless. A Top Forty hit in the summer of 1983, the video remains a delight to watch. Rita Coolidge was the perfect choice for this one. She simply glows in her own special light.


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