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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday's Flashback

Bob Geldoff may not be able to stand hearing this song anymore, but the rest of the world still adores it. From 1984, this joining of forces between some of the United Kingdom's biggest pop stars to help the children in Africa is now a tradition in most of the civilized world. From Sting to Phil Collins to Paul Young to Boy George, they came together to sing one of the biggest hits of the decade and raise money for the cause in which they so passionately believed.

I still love watching the video for this song. Back in that era, I was a big fan of most of the artists who contributed vocals to this anthem. Seeing them all hold hands and spread love as they shared their talents on such a worthy cause was - and remains - a delight. I don't see how anybody could not be moved by the lyrics of this song, or touched by the show of comaraderie that was so evident in this effort.

Do They Know It's Christmas tugs at the heart strings, makes smiles contagious, and gets people singing along every year. It is just brilliant and beautiful and absolutely a work of genius. Come on, Ebenezer Geldoff, get out the joy and love this song all over again... just like the rest of us do.


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