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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday's Flashback

Tango In The Night is one of Fleetwood Mac's most successful studio albums. Released in 1987, this LP returned the Mac to the top of the charts and was their first effort since their self titled 1982 album. Boasting four Top 40 hits, the biggest one was Little Lies. Written by Mac member Christine McVie, with her mellow lead vocals powering the track, it climbed into the Top 5 with ease and became one of the group's greatest hit singles.

Little Lies is a true masterpiece of a track. It makes the listener snap to attention almost effortlessly. With backing vocals by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, Christine's delivery of the lyrics is impeccably accentuated. Radio played this one to death back in its day, and still does for that matter, because Little Lies commands airplay. Cash registers chimed like musical instruments to the sale of the single. A concert favorite, the Mac always thrills fans whenever it performs this one. All the audience needs to get going is to hear the opening chords of this classic.

The video was also a gem. Christine McVie always could hold her own with her bandmates but never more so than here. Little Lies sounds as good today as it did over twenty years ago.


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