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Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday's Flashback

Guyana born Eddy Grant began making music in England in the 1960’s, where he became a well known entertainer, years before he burst onto the US pop scene with his million selling hit Electric Avenue. Tinged with a reggae feel, a beat you just can’t get away from, and lyrics that resonate in the mind like a spinning frisbee, Electric Avenue is one those 80’s songs that retains a huge following because of its timeless appeal.

Rising to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983, Electric Avenue made Grant a sensation in the US. He went on tour, appeared on countless television shows, and wrote songs for other singers, as well as scoring a minor hit two years later with the theme from Romancing The Stone. He was never able to repeat the mega success of Electric Avenue but the song keeps him in demand to this day.

The video is a lot of fun to watch. A real sparkler on MTV in its heyday, Electric Avenue continues to draw new fans with each passing year. Eddy Grant is still performing and he tours all along as well, mainly in the UK, but anytime Electric Avenue comes on the radio people start tapping their toes, moving their bodies, and smiling like mad. Some songs are just meant to hang around forever.


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