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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday's Author

Nick Nolan is an author who knows how to tell a story. His novels Strings Attached and Double Bound have attracted a faithful following to his work. I am among them. Nick can take a character and build an entire universe around him; a universe filled with plots and personalities that keep the reader turning pages with glee. With his other fans, I am eagerly awaiting his next book. His is a talent that has to be expressed and with such an instrument as his imagination through which to make this happen, he has the perfect outlet for his gift.

I got to know Nick when I was the editor of Web Digest Weekly magazine. He gave a great interview and it was a delight to learn that he owns the house in the Windex commercials. Nick took me out for lunch when I was in L.A. last summer and we ate at The Abbey in West Hollywood, two tables over from Reese Witherspoon no less, and it was a wonderful time. His lively personality is infectious and his sense of humor is delightful. For anyone not familiar with his work, I happily point you in his direction.


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