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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Author

With popular books like 70x7 and Gay Is A Gift, writer Salvatore Sapienza is a man in demand. His work has been lauded by critics and the honesty with which he writes is a big reason why. Sal writes from the heart and the stories he tells resonate with readers because there is so much humanity contained in the words he chooses. So much so that fans can relate to what he's saying because they can relate to him.

A real, emotional, genuine storyteller, Sal makes the reader's imagination his own as he weaves stories filled with autobiographical material carefully wrapped into the magic of his work. Currently living in Saugatuck, Michigan, where he operates a popular bed and breakfast with his partner, he is a Brooklyn native who's lived all over, including New Orleans. In fact, Sal and his partner sold their last B&B in New Orleans just weeks before Katrina ravaged the city.

Another personal friend, I've had the pleasure of meeting Sal in person and spending some quality time with him. His personality and his selfless gift of unfettered friendship make him one of the most sincere people I've ever met. To call him special would be a true understatement. Just read his work and you'll see what I mean. He can be found online at


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